Understanding Various Types of External Window Treatments for Your Home

Posted on: 7 February 2018

For better protection around your home's windows or around the framework of a screened-in porch or sunroom, you might invest in shades, blind, or roller shutters. These window treatments can help block out sunlight and keep your home's interior better insulated against heat, cold, and even noise. They can also provide protection against potential intruders, and protect windows from breakage during storms. Since there are many different types of external window treatments you might choose for your home, you might note a few of those different styles here. This will ensure you opt for the best variety for your home and for your needs in particular.

Roller shutters

Actual roller shutters will provide the most protection against wind and rain, and will also provide security against intruders. Roller shutters also provide sunlight blockage, so they're good for those who suffer from migraines, or for a bedroom that faces a streetlight or open road. The drawback of roller shutters is that their solid material means that they also block the view! They may not be the right choice for a sunroom, or for when you want to keep interior windows open but are just looking for added protection against insects, dust, and the like.

External blinds

As with internal blinds, external blinds will have individual slats that you can twist open for letting in sunlight and fresh air. These blinds then offer maximum flexibility when it comes to sun exposure and fresh air inside the home. They can also be a good choice for any other space that is directly exposed to the sun; you can open and close the slats of the blinds as the sun moves throughout the day, allowing you to control glare and heat, while also keeping the slats open slightly if desired, to still enjoy the view and some fresh air.


External shades can be of various materials, and you need to consider the light filtering and mesh that these materials offer. A fabric material with a very loose mesh will let in more light and air, while still providing protection against insects. A smaller mesh will mean more protection against dust and wind, but less light into the home.

While shades can be good for minimal protection for a sunroom or your home's windows, they typically don't offer much protection against intruders. Don't confuse them with security screens or with roller shutters that are very rigid and that lock into place, making it difficult for someone to access a home's windows.


Tips on Choosing Security Doors

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen an increase in burglaries where I live. While we’ve been lucky so far, my husband and I decided to increase our home security to be on the safe side. We both work long hours and like to take long holidays. This leaves our house empty all day during the week and for a good few weeks in the summer. One of the things we looked at was adding security doors to our property. I was surprised at the choice of products and solutions that are on the market, each of which has its own pros and cons. I thought other homeowners looking to beef up their security might find it useful to read about what we learned so I set up this blog!