• Getting It Right with Blinds

    Blinds not only serve an aesthetic role but help you control the amount of light entering your office or home. This means that when choosing blinds, you want to balance between aesthetics and functionality. Note the following considerations to achieve this: Know the Different Blind Materials Blinds are available in different material options; the common ones are vinyl, fabric, timber and aluminium. To choose the right blind material, you need to think about maintenance and the properties of each material (find out how these properties meet your needs).
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  • Annual Fire Safety Statement: What You Need to Know

    If you manage a residential building or a workplace, you have an obligation to keep everyone who lives or works in the building safe. When it comes to the risk posed by fire, it is important that your building has an up-to-date annual fire safety statement. This document is issued by a fire safety inspector if the fire prevention and escape measures in place in the building are found to meet minimum standards.
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