Getting It Right with Blinds

Posted on: 6 October 2020

Blinds not only serve an aesthetic role but help you control the amount of light entering your office or home. This means that when choosing blinds, you want to balance between aesthetics and functionality. Note the following considerations to achieve this:

Know the Different Blind Materials

Blinds are available in different material options; the common ones are vinyl, fabric, timber and aluminium. To choose the right blind material, you need to think about maintenance and the properties of each material (find out how these properties meet your needs). 

  • Maintenance — This includes activities like cleaning and the measures applied to increase the durability or longevity of the blinds. You want a material that does not require much cleaning or application of protective measures. 
  • Material Properties — Some materials are affected by environmental conditions, but some can withstand them. For example, look for waterproof blind materials or materials that are UV-resistant. This means the blinds won't get damaged by water or UV rays. 

Blind Design, Style and the Role of an Interior Designer

You need the services of an interior designer when choosing a blind design or style. This is because you might be tempted to choose a nice looking blind and forget that it might not meet your needs. Always start with your needs and then choose a design.

Talk to your interior designer so that he or she knows what you want. The interior designer may also want to see the area you want to install your blinds to give a professional recommendation. Expect him or her to recommend different designs and styles, which may include Venetian, Roman, panel, roller, zebra or honeycomb blinds. Note that some blinds are more suitable for commercial spaces while others for residential spaces.

Consider the Blind Opening Mechanism

How you open and close your blind is important for convenience, aesthetics and safety purposes. The three most common blind opening options are turning a rod, pulling a string and pressing a remote button.

  • Convenience — This is how easy it is for you to open and close the blinds when needed. Evaluate yourself to determine which opening mechanism works for you.
  • Aesthetics — Is a hanging string or rod going to affect the aesthetics of the blinds? Let your interior designer help you make this decision.
  • Safety — Blinds with a string opening mechanism can be a choking hazard for children playing near the blind. If you have kids, this might be something worth considering.

Tips on Choosing Security Doors

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen an increase in burglaries where I live. While we’ve been lucky so far, my husband and I decided to increase our home security to be on the safe side. We both work long hours and like to take long holidays. This leaves our house empty all day during the week and for a good few weeks in the summer. One of the things we looked at was adding security doors to our property. I was surprised at the choice of products and solutions that are on the market, each of which has its own pros and cons. I thought other homeowners looking to beef up their security might find it useful to read about what we learned so I set up this blog!